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Music is Equal To Life

Music has always been my life. My day starts with music: I jump out of  the bed and turn on my CD Player before I brush my teeth in the morning. When I write and think, I listen to the music to be inspired and keep going for the day’s chores. When I’m taking a shower, I will crank the stereo up and listen to my favorite band. And before I go to sleep, I’ll grab my iPod and listen to my favorite lullaby songs. I honestly don’t know what life would be like without music, I don’t think I ever really wanted to know.

Instead of writing some stuff about my life, I paused for a little bit today and decided that I would just ask anyone and everyone to share their favorite music memory or song when you read this post of mine. I’m not doing this to push for numbers or anything, I just really want to see what kind of music people love to listen to or cherish it in their lives. Please feel free to post whatever it may be that you really, really want. It’s either an artist, an event, a memory, or whatever music related experience you hold near and dear to your heart. I will give you one of my favorite memories just to be fair.

One day, about eight or nine years ago, I had been sick for a week because of fever and cold with an unbearable headache when I was left alone in our home with no one else since my parents needed to go to work. But when I saw the CD placed on the center table that my mother bought, I grabbed it and went back to my bedroom and listened to it. The CD was from Josh Groban’s self-titled album. The song that help me recovered and feel at ease while waiting for my parents to come home was the Vincent (Starry, Starry Night). It really help me recovered so fast than usual. (Thanks to the beautiful melody of music, amazing lyrics of the song and angelic voice of Josh!) From that day, I memorized the lyric of the song and always sing it in my head or listen to it every time I got sick. It is indeed my most effective cure! It was not a medicine that provided by a doctor or anybody, it was the power of music that helped me embrace  and appreciate life and keep moving forward. Your turn! 🙂 So what’s your favorite music or song and why? See you around! Mack


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accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe. I always admire this quote from the French writer and Nobel Prize winner, Anatole France.

Many of us are gifted to have the skills in public speaking and writing books to convince people, to connect with people, and to touch other people’s lives. There are things we learned from school and from many sources that have become our passion such as designing houses, making delicious menus, taking beautiful pictures, creating extraordinary websites and stuff like that. Some people are also gifted to have talents in dancing, singing, painting, performing magic tricks, so on and so forth.

All of us, in fact, have talents to share. And I, as a normal person like you, also have talents. There are also some talents I used to have before that I had just taken for granted. I used to draw small pictures to huge paintings; I can dance either folk or modern and even had joined a few dancing and singing contests. But the one I’m so grateful to have is the talent in singing. “Music has always been everything to me and I can’t imagine life without it.”

I’m just a kid who loves to sing.

Shared. I can still remember the day when I was like five or six years old I have sung two lines of song in front of my mother while she was ironing our clothes. She paused for a while and bunged what she was doing and grinned at me. I suddenly stopped singing and I felt mortified, wondering may be she didn’t like my voice or I shouldn’t suppose to be singing that song because of my age. She looked at me for five seconds and said, “Oh my God honey, how could you sing like that? Your voice is so beautiful and sounds so identical to those we’ve heard on the radio!”  I was so young then, but I know to myself already that I love to sing and I’m very fortunate to have that talent.

Perhaps by now, you’re wondering how my voice should sound like! 🙂 Since then, my voice has always been my asset. I write simple songs, and even taught myself on how to play acoustic guitar. It seems music is always with me wherever I go. I almost had my childhood friends jealous because of it. I can still recall the instance that one of my classmates forced me to sing and asked my teacher to get me in front of the class so that everyone can hear me. I’m kind of weird when I was a first grader and they would treat me like one until they heard my voice.

Change. As I grow older, all of a sudden I realized this is the type of carrier that really needs to have a lot of effort and determination to become one. Those who have their talents hidden, either big or small still chose to take the easiest path and that includes me. Probably because we just wanted to be realistic. They opt to be a writer, teacher, doctor, agent and people who run small and huge businesses and or being just a plain husband or wife. But for sure, there are so many frustrated singers, painters and poets out there who are still patiently waiting for their turn to be like Justin Bieber and Adele, Stephanie Meyer and J.R.R. Tolkien.


HOUGHTS. Whatever it is that we wanted in life, just as long as we are determined, we believe and persevere, happy of what we have become as an individual, there’s no reason for us to stop believing that we can achieve everything we wanted. I’m happy for who I am, for what I am and for what I have, but I’m still DREAMING BIG. All us can dream big things to happen, but like Anatole France says, we also have to believe. There might be risks, but there is no impossible just as long as we consider in ourselves that we can surpass them and we can do it. We are, indeed, the marathon runners of our achievements. Just remember, “we are never given DREAMS without also being given the power to make it come true.” 🙂

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