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This is one of my few personal writings about what is going on with my life and I decided to share it with you. I have no one else to share my grief, happiness or simply my thoughts about everything, so I think putting them into words would be the best preference for me to do.

My Hope to the Right Path

I just want to share how happy I am to have my baby with me after all these years. She just got a simple gift for herself, a new cellphone. Despite of everything that is happening to me, I just realize how lucky I am of knowing her and sharing what I have in this world. I would never have these things I have right now if it wasn’t because of her. I would never make this far if it wasn’t because of her support, love and understanding. And I think it’s time for me to support her of whatever it is she wanted to do or have with her money for as long as it is for the good as what she always does to me. She is the most amazing and loving person I have ever known.

Despite of my success, I’m always thinking that there’s still something missing: something happening which I know to myself that’s not right. Doing my job as a call center representative is a dream come true, but I can’t seem to stomach the graveyard shift anymore. The account seems to have a lot of scope of support and I can’t seem to breathe at all because of the busy queue. I’m always thinking about quitting and switching career that I always wanted to have, which is to become a home-based call center agent or an online freelancer. I guess I am just so eager to experience new things.

MY HOPE to the Right Path of LIFE

My plan is still hanging and it’s not final yet. But for the mean time, I will do my best to take good care of myself in order to continue with what I have right now which I do believe God has given me. I look forward to have a nice profession so I could be happy meeting our needs with the fact that I don’t have yet all the things that a man could always desire to have in this world. God only knows what’s best for me and for whatever it is that He is going to provide, I will accept it wholeheartedly. I will take the risks just to fulfill my dreams without forgetting His teachings. My only hope is for Him to always guide to the right path.



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It’s been a couple of weeks since I haven’t told you about what’s happening with me. Honestly, you’re one of the valuable sources that I just have to share my happy and sad experiences with. So here it is.

I started my Sunday with those typical things I’ve been doing since I have become an independent person: waking at 8 a.m., eating breakfast, going to church, going home and going back to sleep, waking up so late, eat again and sleep… You might say I have an easy life, but it’s the last day of the week! And we all know that it’s the last day of the week and we’ll have another busy and might be complicated day after it. So I permitted myself to rest. I usually spend my weekend with my parents at home but it has a different story now.

On my previous story, (Thank You For A Surprise), I shared with you about my unforgettable moment I had with my family. Many days had passed and another surprise just happened. I’m so glad that finally my sister, together with her family decided to stay in the city to live with us again. Fair enough, they have created a diminutive and cute house at home and they made it quite a little private. The area where they are positioned for a moment was unfortunately my bedroom before, they just renovated it to make it bigger for the family. Which means by now, I don’t have a niche at home and I can’t stay for a night since there’s no bedroom made for another person yet. But if I’m going to think just about myself, it might be unfair or I would feel like devastated about it, but for me it is not. We talked about the arrangement and I totally agreed with it. I’d rather have no place yet than going home without them. If God approves, I can make another bedroom anyway. 🙂 Two days ago, I went home and I already saw the new house of my sister. They seem so happy of the outcome and I’m happy for them too because it did.

New Place, New Challenge, New Life

Probably next week, I need to go home again because I need to change site for my work and it so happen that the company is much closer to where parents are. There should be more time to spend with the family, more time to play with my niece and nephew, and more limited time of sleep. It doesn’t mean my independent life is already over . Well, it’s just a beginning though. It’s just that I’m going to face a fresh and huge challenge of my life. “The course of my life may change, but the person that I have become is going to be the same.” Of course, I still have my second home. Wherever I go, it will always stay here in my heart. That’s why I needed to have a new place at home so that I have at least a place to stay. But it’s okay, I can manage. I know to myself that everything is going to be fine. That’s it for now… I’ll tell you what will happen next as I go along.:)

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have been collecting inspirational “quotes” and phrases for years and it has always been my routine already. I got lists of some of my favorites from several authors that really have a great “bang!” to my life. They help me a lot in facing many trials and obstacles as well. Here are the tops on my list:

  • “Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t accomplish your goals. Who says you’re not tougher, harder working and more able than your competition. You see a goal is a dream with a deadline: in writing, measurable, identifiable, and attainable.” – Harvey B. Mackay
  • “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” – Robert F. Kennedy
  • “Whenever you’re trying hard, you’re never failing. The only failure is failing to try.” – Anonymous
  • “Don’t sacrifice your future happiness for one night of pleasure, a weekend of excitement, or a thrilling moment of revenge.” – Sean Covey
  • “If you’re going to be able to look back on something and laugh about it, you might as well laugh about it now.” – Marie Osmond
  • “Having the world’s best idea will do you no good unless you act on it. People who want milk shouldn’t sit on a stool in the middle of a field in hopes that a cow will back up to them.” – Curtis Grant
  • “God will prevail in the face of evil, and God helps those who help themselves. Hard work, pride and responsibility were values to live by.” – Mel Blount
  • “We are here on earth to live – to experience whatever comes, to act on that experience as well as we can and hence to grow.” – Ardis Whitman
  • “A champion is someone who gets up, even when he can’t.” – Anonymous
  • “I’d rather be a failure at something I enjoy than be a successful at something I hate.” – George Burns
  • “If your attitude is that only smarter people have something to teach you, your learning opportunities will be very limited. But if you have humble eagerness to learn something from everybody, your learning opportunities will be unlimited.” – Clayton Christensen

I hope they inspire you, too. Take care!



Copyright © 2012 by The Diary of Me, Published by MACK

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BPO Companies are developing all over the globe and that’s the reason why many establishments of Call Centers are increasing in numbers at the same time. Here in the Philippines, many Call Center companies are merging and rising in different provinces and cities already, including my city. Those are Covergys, Teleperformance, Teletech and Transcom to name a few. And believe it or not, they are amazingly growing so fast!

To work in a prestigious call center company has always been one of my dreams. Though I have been working for almost two years as a Customer Service Representative (CSR) and I have experienced the life of being an agent, I still strive to have more, do more and learn more. I only have one reason why I don’t stop learning and prioritizing this profession because I know to myself that this is the area where I am good at. The area I think where I can continue to learn, and develop my personality and skills as an individual. I took classes that would be relevant, training after training just to improve my skills and I proud to say that I learned a lot. The last training that I have taken was from VCCLink – the near-hire training for aspiring call center agents with the cooperation of Convergys. The training was instructed by Ms. AJ, a very good and very professional trainer I must say. Though I wasn’t able to finish it, I’m still very thankful that I have been there and be part of it. This 10-day training was for free and we’re not being paid for it. Since I am living independently, being a money saver is one of the biggest attitudes that I need to possess. Eventually, this was one of the reasons I didn’t pursue to finish the training because I find it so hard for me to save the remaining coins in my pocket just to sustain my needs until the end of the training. One of the reasons I didn’t continue it’s because I was already starting the training in a new company that was just established last month. Yes, they give reasonable pay for their people, but I am not after the money. What’s more important to me is “how much this job can offer to my own personal development. I don’t care how much I will be getting, just as long as it could help me to become a professional and responsible person – a person that I always aspire to be.” But because I needed to survive, I thought this company is the best opportunity for me to make a new start.

The work is quite easy and it’s more different than what I have trained for, very different from what I have learned and used to have when I was still working with my previous companies. We are doing surveys and we are dealing with people in United Kingdom. Unlike being a CSR/TSR, we’re walking through the customer, doing excellent customer service and dealing with people in United States. But in this new job, we were advised to use British accent. We needed to have a strong sales pitch and a convincing personality or charisma to get a successful survey. It is very challenging because in the event, it is my first time to work in this type of profession.
I was in between of the two great companies. The other one is nurturing skills, talents, giving more benefits, but it’s too far from where I’m currently staying. While the other is challenging but very easy, nearer from where I’m currently staying, providing reasonable pay, but less opportunities to grow. This was the hardest decision that I made and I needed to be very careful. Because of this, I was able to learn how to TRUST and to LET GO. Despite of these challenges, my determination to learn and my hard work has paid off. I’m happy that I survived. I’m happy that I made it this far.

I learned to trust myself more, especially to God – to believe in His love and care for me….I learned to let go of those things that I think I should, to make a new beginning. I asked for the guidance of God and asked for the good signs on what would be the best way I should take.

Days went by, a lot of things had happened. The day has come for me to decide which company I should prioritize. I am proud to say that I have made the right one. Right now, I am completing my requirements so that I can start the training. I hope that this decision I have made was right and whatever decision that I still needed to make in the future will always have a guidance of God – He will be there to guide me and will always take care of me as I am going to walk the way that I will be choosing.

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