My First Love

ll of us have crushes and first loves. If you have none, you’re out of this world! Just kidding! 🙂 No matter how many old or new people (i.e. wife/husband, girlfriends or boyfriends, childhood/best friends etc.) may come in and out of our lives, these special people had left beautiful memories in our hearts and minds, once played the biggest part in our lives and made the enormous space in our hearts. And we have learned a lot from them.

I also had crushes and idols way back in high school and college. There’s also a group of girls at school who’d always called my name whenever I enter our school gate or just going to another class room to talk to a friend. They somewhat stalked me wherever I go. Hah! Well, to be honest, I did the same thing to the girl I was so obsessed with, too. Yes, high school life as it is. 🙂

When I was in High School, I remember my favorite History teacher told us a love story of hers. She had once found the boy of her dreams. He’s a tall, dark, handsome and especially, a gentleman. This guy was once her crush. You know, just the apple of her eyes. She said, after the guy introduced himself in a Senior Prom one night, he has become her official first boyfriend since then.

However, as months passed by, they had found out that they have so many things they didn’t like and had been disagreed with. To make the long story short, they broke up after graduation. They tried to make things work, but still they broke up. Obviously, they were never meant for each other. But every time she sees this guy, she can still never forget their first date. She admitted that she can still barely resist recalling all of the miraculous firsts that she had with him. Then she had found Mr. Right – someone better, someone who really loves her so much. Now she’s married; not to the man of her dreams, but to the man of her life.

Just recently, I had checked my Facebook account and I was stunned to see my ex girlfriend’s profile photo. We haven’t seen each other for years and she still looks more attractive than ever. Like my teacher, I felt I was attracted again whenever I see her pictures. But I’ve found out later that she has a husband and a baby daughter already. She even publicly shared the photos of her baby.

I’m not saying that I’m wretched to know the news. I disclose that I felt a little sad, but I’m so happy and proud for her and for what she has become. We made promises as well, like some of you had with your ex’s. The truth is that she was my first love. We, somehow built our plans and made a list of things to achieve for our near future together – to have kids, to build our dream house, to travel the world and so on. She was, in fact, my fairy tale. But then, everything has changed and we broke up. We agreed to make things work and give each other a chance again, but it ended up worse. Things have fallen into pieces; our dreams didn’t come true.

Eventually, I met someone special, the one who really loves me more than anyone else. I admit that I had an upgrade! Like my teacher, I have found; not my fairy tale, but the true love of my life. I’m happy and very thankful that after all these years, we still hold and love each other. We’re still getting stronger each day as we face the world as one. Hopefully, we could be together in one beautiful home with our kids someday and living a life with a “happily ever after” story.


houghts. The reason I shared this because I believe that some of us, especially those people my age normally experience this subtle circumstance.

There are times you’d feel that everything’s not working out, but you should at least give it a try and don’t just give up right away. If you believe that things will work out for your relationship, you have to do it together. You must know both side’s weaknesses and imperfections and both should learn how to accept each of them. Love each other again, and always build trust and faith. If things still won’t work out, then I think that’s the time to let go.

I’m not really good in giving advice, but at least I gave it a shot. I shared this one based on my own experiences.

“Baby, thank you for making me laugh and making me feel that I am loved. I would never be complete without you. You’re always here in my heart. I love you!” – MACK


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Dream Big and Never Stop Believing

accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe. I always admire this quote from the French writer and Nobel Prize winner, Anatole France.

Many of us are gifted to have the skills in public speaking and writing books to convince people, to connect with people, and to touch other people’s lives. There are things we learned from school and from many sources that have become our passion such as designing houses, making delicious menus, taking beautiful pictures, creating extraordinary websites and stuff like that. Some people are also gifted to have talents in dancing, singing, painting, performing magic tricks, so on and so forth.

All of us, in fact, have talents to share. And I, as a normal person like you, also have talents. There are also some talents I used to have before that I had just taken for granted. I used to draw small pictures to huge paintings; I can dance either folk or modern and even had joined a few dancing and singing contests. But the one I’m so grateful to have is the talent in singing. “Music has always been everything to me and I can’t imagine life without it.”

I’m just a kid who loves to sing.

Shared. I can still remember the day when I was like five or six years old I have sung two lines of song in front of my mother while she was ironing our clothes. She paused for a while and bunged what she was doing and grinned at me. I suddenly stopped singing and I felt mortified, wondering may be she didn’t like my voice or I shouldn’t suppose to be singing that song because of my age. She looked at me for five seconds and said, “Oh my God honey, how could you sing like that? Your voice is so beautiful and sounds so identical to those we’ve heard on the radio!”  I was so young then, but I know to myself already that I love to sing and I’m very fortunate to have that talent.

Perhaps by now, you’re wondering how my voice should sound like! 🙂 Since then, my voice has always been my asset. I write simple songs, and even taught myself on how to play acoustic guitar. It seems music is always with me wherever I go. I almost had my childhood friends jealous because of it. I can still recall the instance that one of my classmates forced me to sing and asked my teacher to get me in front of the class so that everyone can hear me. I’m kind of weird when I was a first grader and they would treat me like one until they heard my voice.

Change. As I grow older, all of a sudden I realized this is the type of carrier that really needs to have a lot of effort and determination to become one. Those who have their talents hidden, either big or small still chose to take the easiest path and that includes me. Probably because we just wanted to be realistic. They opt to be a writer, teacher, doctor, agent and people who run small and huge businesses and or being just a plain husband or wife. But for sure, there are so many frustrated singers, painters and poets out there who are still patiently waiting for their turn to be like Justin Bieber and Adele, Stephanie Meyer and J.R.R. Tolkien.


HOUGHTS. Whatever it is that we wanted in life, just as long as we are determined, we believe and persevere, happy of what we have become as an individual, there’s no reason for us to stop believing that we can achieve everything we wanted. I’m happy for who I am, for what I am and for what I have, but I’m still DREAMING BIG. All us can dream big things to happen, but like Anatole France says, we also have to believe. There might be risks, but there is no impossible just as long as we consider in ourselves that we can surpass them and we can do it. We are, indeed, the marathon runners of our achievements. Just remember, “we are never given DREAMS without also being given the power to make it come true.” 🙂

New Place, New Challenge, New Life

It’s been a couple of weeks since I haven’t told you about what’s happening with me. Honestly, you’re one of the valuable sources that I just have to share my happy and sad experiences with. So here it is.

I started my Sunday with those typical things I’ve been doing since I have become an independent person: waking at 8 a.m., eating breakfast, going to church, going home and going back to sleep, waking up so late, eat again and sleep… You might say I have an easy life, but it’s the last day of the week! And we all know that it’s the last day of the week and we’ll have another busy and might be complicated day after it. So I permitted myself to rest. I usually spend my weekend with my parents at home but it has a different story now.

On my previous story, (Thank You For A Surprise), I shared with you about my unforgettable moment I had with my family. Many days had passed and another surprise just happened. I’m so glad that finally my sister, together with her family decided to stay in the city to live with us again. Fair enough, they have created a diminutive and cute house at home and they made it quite a little private. The area where they are positioned for a moment was unfortunately my bedroom before, they just renovated it to make it bigger for the family. Which means by now, I don’t have a niche at home and I can’t stay for a night since there’s no bedroom made for another person yet. But if I’m going to think just about myself, it might be unfair or I would feel like devastated about it, but for me it is not. We talked about the arrangement and I totally agreed with it. I’d rather have no place yet than going home without them. If God approves, I can make another bedroom anyway. 🙂 Two days ago, I went home and I already saw the new house of my sister. They seem so happy of the outcome and I’m happy for them too because it did.

New Place, New Challenge, New Life

Probably next week, I need to go home again because I need to change site for my work and it so happen that the company is much closer to where parents are. There should be more time to spend with the family, more time to play with my niece and nephew, and more limited time of sleep. It doesn’t mean my independent life is already over . Well, it’s just a beginning though. It’s just that I’m going to face a fresh and huge challenge of my life. “The course of my life may change, but the person that I have become is going to be the same.” Of course, I still have my second home. Wherever I go, it will always stay here in my heart. That’s why I needed to have a new place at home so that I have at least a place to stay. But it’s okay, I can manage. I know to myself that everything is going to be fine. That’s it for now… I’ll tell you what will happen next as I go along.:)

The Gift of Friendship (07/05/2012)

Dear Mr. WP,

It’s been a while since I haven’t updated you about my life, so here I am again, sharing my stories.

To start off, let me tell you about this friend of mine that I met two months ago. Her name is Pearl and she was as brilliant as a “true pearl” for me. I met her at the HR Department in one of the call center companies that I have worked with. I’m happy because I met a friend who’s very true to herself, a friend that really knows the whole me for just a very short period of time and accepted me for who I really am.

Two weeks earlier, I was informed by Pearl about this free call center training from TESDA. At first, I doubted that I could pursue the training because I don’t have any savings anymore. But a good friend of mine was so kind and she lend me money just for me to finish the training. I grabbed the opportunity to attend the class and for the first time of my life, I was able to feel the urge to go to the training every single day. I felt like, I was given the chance to go back to school again. The training was very educational and at the same time, it’s more fun than I expected. I haven’t just learned a lot, but I have also met new people and they are my friends now.

Just last week, we have completed the 100-hour training and we celebrated our farewell party in Baranggay Villamonte, at The Aquatic Place here in our city. All of us are currently hunting a new job already because that is the purpose of the training, for us to be hired in a call center company. We applied in different call center companies and some of my co-trainees were already hired and some are still looking, including me.

Life is a precious gift that all us can really benefit. It is a matter of how you create a better one out of it. It is a matter of how you live it and how you share it with the people that you love. So as “the gift of friendship.” Even though we cannot really depend on our friends because they might come and go, but for sure you will always have memories to collect and someone will stay true until the end of everything. That’s why I’m thankful to have a few friends. I don’t care if I have only two or three, just as long as they are always there for me it’s already enough.

My determination is always alive and I will persevere until I reach my dreams. I know there is something good that God has reserved just for me. This week I will apply in other companies while I am waiting for the call of those that I have already applied. I think that’s it for now Mr. WP.


A Long Way Journey

  Dear Mr. WP,

I am currently staying right now at the house which I called my second home here in our city. I have been living here for almost two years already and this is my first time to write about a few things that had happened to me while I am staying here.

For almost a year, I had the chance to live like a normal person with a consistent job in a call center and a very good salary that can sustain my everyday needs. I had the chance to share the gift of love with my friends – the people who are always there to support and guide me with whatever decisions I make. I have a great family, they have been very supportive of me as well. This house made me realize that life is so easy to live with. It made me realize as well that life is not as easy as I thought it is, especially if you’re living independently. Whatever I want is in this house: comfortable bed room, complete appliances, nice bathroom, you name it. But despite all of these things I have, I’m always missing the times that I am with my family.

I still have a long, long road to take and I know that by heart. More ups and downs, and tests of faith that could possibly change the course of my life. But I’m strong enough to face them. I hope and pray that one day I could have my dreams do come true, all my plans will end up successful. Through my determination, I know I could continue to learn with every mistake that I do. And through each of those mistakes, I will be wise and much stronger enough to overcome whatever trials I will encounter in the near future.