Just the Way You Love Me

eading is always my number one passion. I used to collect magazines, self-help books, novel and inspiring true-to-life stories since I was in grade school. But nothing really interests me more than reading and collecting inspirational POETRY. Yes, I love poems. One of my favorites that really inspired me was the “Footprints in the Sand”. No author has been credited with this immortal work but all I can say is that this poem is beyond extraordinary.

When I first read this poem, it suddenly touched my soul. “I never realized that a person’s writing of words can really lift your spirit, can touch your deepest emotion, can express a whole magical feeling, imaginations and experiences until I read this poem.” Since then, I never stopped reading and writing about everything. I also learned how to express myself through songs and poems. I write when I’m inspired, when I appreciate those things happened that has a big impact to my own life..

God is so good to give us special someone who can inspire us to continue living our precious lives. Whether it’s your family, a member of a family, a teacher, an author, a lover, or a friend – someone who believes in whatever that we do, someone who will do everything just for you to be happy. “My family and my relationship with God have always been my inspiration.But today, other than my family and God, I’m so thankful to have that someone who really loves me, who cares for me and accepts me; not just for being what I am, but for being who I am as a person. I never regret the time I opened my door to let this person in to my life. Now  my existence is full of joy, hope, love, inspiration and happy experiences.

ust recently, I wrote this poem for this person that I truly love. We’ve been through a lot of obstacles and adversities in life, but we’re still together after all this time.

I have it printed with my pictures beside it. I put it in a frame and gave it as a gift for our one year anniversary at this moment. We placed it on the wall where we can usually spot it. Every time we make a  sight of this frame, it reminds us how thankful we are to have each other after a year. We know it by heart that we still have more, more years of full of joy and love to come.

Here’s the poem. I put all my LOVE to this:

The Way You Love Me


You are the one that I can share my life with

For without you, I can find no happiness.

I have been with a lot of trials and failures,

But you always give me strength.

I said no, but you said yes,

All my life, you’ve been there,

Showing me your love and care

That I never felt before.


And now I can breathe, I can fly…

I am not afraid because you are with me,

You replace my heartaches with your love.

It seems you always care for the both of us,

It seems I don’t care

For what they might say

For we love each other,

More than they ever know.


My pain is terrible that I almost lost everything,

You are my witness of my past,

But after all this time,

Your love still remains.

And now, your love is my life

And living without you will never be the same,

You have no idea how happy I am of having you,

You just extended my life

From the first time you said “I AM YOUR LIFE.”


Now that you tell me, you really love me,

I don’t know which way to go,

If ever you will be gone,

Because I’m only holding on to your words.

We are so connected to each other

And because of that,

I believe we can make it



I love you baby and I always will.

You’ll Never Walk Alone (15/04/2012)

Today, I went home to the place where I grew up and where I got the chance to know myself better. For the last two weeks, it has been so hard for me to accept about the things that have been happening with my life. I thought being alone is not a favorable thing for me to do as of this moment. Instead of feeling the anxiety and being depressed, I would rather go home to unwind, to find myself or go to somewhere for a walk, where I can see more people.

My sentiments are always correct and I cannot lie to them. Though I can get along with different people and go to some places, I know deep inside that there’s still something missing. I tried to lie to myself that everything is going to be fine, but as long as I am convincing myself for what I’m believing is right, there is still wrong about what I’m doing.

Eventually, it made me realize that life is not just a matter of getting what we wanted, but providing time, most especially on how to make a difference. It made me realize that I underestimated myself and I stopped believing because of the thought that people can learn more than me, people can be much better than me and people can be much smarter than me in everything. I have failed to believe in myself that I could do something in my own special ways. I am different and so are the people that God created. As the saying goes, “we are all created differently with a purpose, and that is to appreciate life with those people around you.”

I have learned that nothing in this life comes easy and I have to pay the price. I can make things move ahead in my way with a perfect timing. People can say anything they want, but no one can ever tear down my faith and principles. I know that these are just the tests that I have to surpass. And with determination, I will pursue my dreams until I see myself on the top again. I will never walk alone because my family and God will be there to back me up. There should be trials and tough times to face. I could be fallen again for sure, but I will persevere because I believe through these, I can learn a lot and I will be stronger enough to face another challenge.