The Beginning of A New Life

Digital CameraI am pleased that I had my bed room done and I was able to personalize it my own way. I am also very blissful that I have a new job. There are so many things that happened to me counting the chances to buy those things my heart had ever desired when I was still a little boy, (new clothes, eat pizza and fries, new wardrobe, side table and blanket), most of them are for my new space at home. Along the happiness I feel through buying these things for myself, I am also going through the feelings of being disgruntled and isolated through those things that are presently happening to me.

As of this point,  I am missing the old house we had before but contented of what we got.  Just for instance, I had been used to have a bed room upstairs before my sister and her family moved to that place. I used to scale all the way through my bed room with a smile in my heart knowing that I am home again with my childhood twin bed I used to slouch to get some rest.  I am also having a hard time adjusting to sleep in my new room since I never stayed at home that long for almost 2 years since I had have the opportunity to live in an apartment. I am also having a hard time dealing with my night shift schedule at work since I used to go to work at four in the morning in my previous job before.Digital Camera

Now everything I had is just a clear picture that I can keep in my memories, in my imaginations and in my heart forever. Going all the way through my apartment every single end of the day and laughing all throughout the night with friends is the clearest picture in my thoughts…always.

I look forward that everything will be the same again. I choose to have a life like that, although everything is simple, yet the feeling of being so happy and contented is at hand. Digital CameraIf I could have the chance to live a normal life once more and earning at the same time, I’d rather take a grasp and never let it go ever again. But I think life has something much to offer and that’s the reason why people needs to let go if something good or bad is being added, like what I used to. I know to myself that this is not an end of everything, yet this just the beginning of a new life.

I just pray that I can make it until the end of this year and hoping to face another  journey in this world with more years that full of happiness. I will always keep what I had and I’ll still have here inside of me until the end of time.

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New Place, New Challenge, New Life

It’s been a couple of weeks since I haven’t told you about what’s happening with me. Honestly, you’re one of the valuable sources that I just have to share my happy and sad experiences with. So here it is.

I started my Sunday with those typical things I’ve been doing since I have become an independent person: waking at 8 a.m., eating breakfast, going to church, going home and going back to sleep, waking up so late, eat again and sleep… You might say I have an easy life, but it’s the last day of the week! And we all know that it’s the last day of the week and we’ll have another busy and might be complicated day after it. So I permitted myself to rest. I usually spend my weekend with my parents at home but it has a different story now.

On my previous story, (Thank You For A Surprise), I shared with you about my unforgettable moment I had with my family. Many days had passed and another surprise just happened. I’m so glad that finally my sister, together with her family decided to stay in the city to live with us again. Fair enough, they have created a diminutive and cute house at home and they made it quite a little private. The area where they are positioned for a moment was unfortunately my bedroom before, they just renovated it to make it bigger for the family. Which means by now, I don’t have a niche at home and I can’t stay for a night since there’s no bedroom made for another person yet. But if I’m going to think just about myself, it might be unfair or I would feel like devastated about it, but for me it is not. We talked about the arrangement and I totally agreed with it. I’d rather have no place yet than going home without them. If God approves, I can make another bedroom anyway. 🙂 Two days ago, I went home and I already saw the new house of my sister. They seem so happy of the outcome and I’m happy for them too because it did.

New Place, New Challenge, New Life

Probably next week, I need to go home again because I need to change site for my work and it so happen that the company is much closer to where parents are. There should be more time to spend with the family, more time to play with my niece and nephew, and more limited time of sleep. It doesn’t mean my independent life is already over . Well, it’s just a beginning though. It’s just that I’m going to face a fresh and huge challenge of my life. “The course of my life may change, but the person that I have become is going to be the same.” Of course, I still have my second home. Wherever I go, it will always stay here in my heart. That’s why I needed to have a new place at home so that I have at least a place to stay. But it’s okay, I can manage. I know to myself that everything is going to be fine. That’s it for now… I’ll tell you what will happen next as I go along.:)

Thank You For a Surprise

ife is full of surprises. Many things could happen for just one blink of an eye. People might come and go. You wake up, then you find out that the person you have been missing for a long time is right by your side now.

I say this because I, myself, personally experienced to be left, to be hurt & loved, and to be accepted like many of us had. I have once forgotten the meaning of my existence. But as the years passed, countless things had happened. One day, it appeared to me that I exist because of LOVE – the love that I can dig up from my parents, my brother and sister, my grandma, my friends, and especially the love that I can get from God.

I used to live by myself since I was graduated from college. Since I already told you about my life on my previous story,  for a change I’m going to share about my family’s background. Well, this is my first to carve up about my family. So, here it is…

For more that three years, many things had happened to my family. Just for a little background, there are five members in my family and that includes my parents, my big sister, my big brother and ME. Yes, I am the youngest. We opt to live in different places. Currently, my father is the only one who’s taking care of the house where we grew up. My brother is living in separate house together with his wife and son, Kevin, just 15 steps away from our house. My sister decided to live in Cebu, one of the most beautiful cities in my country together with my mother. I’m happy to know that, like my brother, she’s already settled as well with one daughter, Baby Gillian. Now, there are nine members in the family.

Mama, Papa, Kevin and Gillian

I can’t remember the last time we’ve been together living in the same roof, eating in one table, talking and sharing new stories and experiences. But this is the most memorable month of the year, not just for me, but for my whole family. Why? Because we get together again as a complete and happy family. For years that we haven’t got the chance to unite and splurge the time together, I am very overwhelmed with joy in my heart that we have the chance to be with each other again…in the same roof! It’s a big surprise when I knew that my mother and sister came home from Cebu, together with my sister’s husband and daughter to spend their summer vacation with us.


ast Sunday, we went to one of the local beaches here in our city just to have a “family-bonding time” after so many years we haven’t got the chance to do it. With the help of my uncle’s family car, we made it possible to be on this beautiful beach. I was so excited! We ate foods that my mother prepared for us, we took pictures here and there, we jumped into the water – yes, we swam, had fun under the sun, you name it. For the first time after so many years, I saw my sister laughed and had fun with us again. I can’t explain the emotions I felt during that day. Our one and only entertainer was Baby Gillian. She’s just one year and six months old but she can do a lot of things on her own already such as playing with the sand and collecting sea shells. My three-year-old nephew, Kevin was there, as well as his mother. Gillian and Kevin really had fun under the warmth of the smiling sun, playing with the water and sand, as if the place is in fact for children to have fun with. It’s nice to know that my father and brother skipped their important appointments and were able to be there with us.


While my mother was sitting on the sea shore beside me with Gillian in her arms, I just mutely observed and realized how lucky I am to have my family with me on that very moment, just enjoying every second of it and not minding about those things that had happened to all us before we became a strong family. Every member depends on each other. I just think that I am so lucky I have my family as the “biggest treasure” that I have ever had, a treasure that I always look forward to have again in the second life. I didn’t think about anything else or what will happen next. Even though I still have a work after that, it never stopped me to enjoy the moment while I was with them. I didn’t care if I’d have my shoes popped up with cracked shells and sands, just as long as I am having fun with them, it doesn’t really matter.

Bother and Sister

hile I was writing this story, it makes me feel sad to think that my mother and sister might be going back to Cebu after a week already, and I need to go back to where I am staying at the same time. But I never lose my hope that we will still be together again as a whole family. Who knows what would be the next big surprise?! All I know is that God is so kind enough to give me that extraordinary moment. He really knows when is the time that I feel like I’m getting lost already and needs a family embrace! That’s just how wonderful life is. LIFE is full of surprises after all! 🙂

Just the Way You Love Me

eading is always my number one passion. I used to collect magazines, self-help books, novel and inspiring true-to-life stories since I was in grade school. But nothing really interests me more than reading and collecting inspirational POETRY. Yes, I love poems. One of my favorites that really inspired me was the “Footprints in the Sand”. No author has been credited with this immortal work but all I can say is that this poem is beyond extraordinary.

When I first read this poem, it suddenly touched my soul. “I never realized that a person’s writing of words can really lift your spirit, can touch your deepest emotion, can express a whole magical feeling, imaginations and experiences until I read this poem.” Since then, I never stopped reading and writing about everything. I also learned how to express myself through songs and poems. I write when I’m inspired, when I appreciate those things happened that has a big impact to my own life..

God is so good to give us special someone who can inspire us to continue living our precious lives. Whether it’s your family, a member of a family, a teacher, an author, a lover, or a friend – someone who believes in whatever that we do, someone who will do everything just for you to be happy. “My family and my relationship with God have always been my inspiration.But today, other than my family and God, I’m so thankful to have that someone who really loves me, who cares for me and accepts me; not just for being what I am, but for being who I am as a person. I never regret the time I opened my door to let this person in to my life. Now  my existence is full of joy, hope, love, inspiration and happy experiences.

ust recently, I wrote this poem for this person that I truly love. We’ve been through a lot of obstacles and adversities in life, but we’re still together after all this time.

I have it printed with my pictures beside it. I put it in a frame and gave it as a gift for our one year anniversary at this moment. We placed it on the wall where we can usually spot it. Every time we make a  sight of this frame, it reminds us how thankful we are to have each other after a year. We know it by heart that we still have more, more years of full of joy and love to come.

Here’s the poem. I put all my LOVE to this:

The Way You Love Me


You are the one that I can share my life with

For without you, I can find no happiness.

I have been with a lot of trials and failures,

But you always give me strength.

I said no, but you said yes,

All my life, you’ve been there,

Showing me your love and care

That I never felt before.


And now I can breathe, I can fly…

I am not afraid because you are with me,

You replace my heartaches with your love.

It seems you always care for the both of us,

It seems I don’t care

For what they might say

For we love each other,

More than they ever know.


My pain is terrible that I almost lost everything,

You are my witness of my past,

But after all this time,

Your love still remains.

And now, your love is my life

And living without you will never be the same,

You have no idea how happy I am of having you,

You just extended my life

From the first time you said “I AM YOUR LIFE.”


Now that you tell me, you really love me,

I don’t know which way to go,

If ever you will be gone,

Because I’m only holding on to your words.

We are so connected to each other

And because of that,

I believe we can make it



I love you baby and I always will.

You’ll Never Walk Alone (15/04/2012)

Today, I went home to the place where I grew up and where I got the chance to know myself better. For the last two weeks, it has been so hard for me to accept about the things that have been happening with my life. I thought being alone is not a favorable thing for me to do as of this moment. Instead of feeling the anxiety and being depressed, I would rather go home to unwind, to find myself or go to somewhere for a walk, where I can see more people.

My sentiments are always correct and I cannot lie to them. Though I can get along with different people and go to some places, I know deep inside that there’s still something missing. I tried to lie to myself that everything is going to be fine, but as long as I am convincing myself for what I’m believing is right, there is still wrong about what I’m doing.

Eventually, it made me realize that life is not just a matter of getting what we wanted, but providing time, most especially on how to make a difference. It made me realize that I underestimated myself and I stopped believing because of the thought that people can learn more than me, people can be much better than me and people can be much smarter than me in everything. I have failed to believe in myself that I could do something in my own special ways. I am different and so are the people that God created. As the saying goes, “we are all created differently with a purpose, and that is to appreciate life with those people around you.”

I have learned that nothing in this life comes easy and I have to pay the price. I can make things move ahead in my way with a perfect timing. People can say anything they want, but no one can ever tear down my faith and principles. I know that these are just the tests that I have to surpass. And with determination, I will pursue my dreams until I see myself on the top again. I will never walk alone because my family and God will be there to back me up. There should be trials and tough times to face. I could be fallen again for sure, but I will persevere because I believe through these, I can learn a lot and I will be stronger enough to face another challenge.

A Long Way Journey

  Dear Mr. WP,

I am currently staying right now at the house which I called my second home here in our city. I have been living here for almost two years already and this is my first time to write about a few things that had happened to me while I am staying here.

For almost a year, I had the chance to live like a normal person with a consistent job in a call center and a very good salary that can sustain my everyday needs. I had the chance to share the gift of love with my friends – the people who are always there to support and guide me with whatever decisions I make. I have a great family, they have been very supportive of me as well. This house made me realize that life is so easy to live with. It made me realize as well that life is not as easy as I thought it is, especially if you’re living independently. Whatever I want is in this house: comfortable bed room, complete appliances, nice bathroom, you name it. But despite all of these things I have, I’m always missing the times that I am with my family.

I still have a long, long road to take and I know that by heart. More ups and downs, and tests of faith that could possibly change the course of my life. But I’m strong enough to face them. I hope and pray that one day I could have my dreams do come true, all my plans will end up successful. Through my determination, I know I could continue to learn with every mistake that I do. And through each of those mistakes, I will be wise and much stronger enough to overcome whatever trials I will encounter in the near future.