My Most Unforgettable Characters

No matter how unfortunate and less knowledgeable you are, but if you know how to believe in yourself, to work harder and do your utmost to educate yourself, there’s nothing you could not achieve. This is just one of the things I have learned from the most unforgettable characters of my life. This is my chance to acknowledge them for their love and their biggest contribution for making me as what I am right now. This time, allow me rip their enthralled roles to my own life’s fairy tale.

A Brilliant Pearl. Six months ago, I have met Pearly, the most amazing friend who had come across in my whole life. She was as brilliant as a “true pearl” for me. I have known her in my most tough and haunting moment of my life. I’m overly happy as I know a friend who’s very true to herself, a friend that really knows the whole me for just a very short period of time and accepted me for who I really am. She’s the witness of how weak I was before and become strong every single day while facing my once called unreasonable world.

Just after I lost my job one day, I was informed by Pearl about this free call center training from the biggest corporation in the country. At first, I doubted I could pursue the training because I don’t have any savings anymore. However, this good friend of mine was so kind enough to encourage me for grabbing the opportunity to attend the class. She even credited me some money just to finish the training despite of the fact that she needs it more than me since she’s taking up her master’s degree and living very independently. For the first time of my life, I was able to feel the urge to go to the training every single day knowing that there’s still someone who believes in me although some people behind your back thinking that you’re just nobody. She’s been there when I cried and when I laugh. She’s always available for pieces of advice and I commend her for that. She is exceptional.

My Wonder Woman. One day after I graduated from college, I was looking for a job and luckily got hired in one of the most prominent companies in my country. I was 20 at that time and so happy. Every single day, I was always motivated to go to work and was always inspired to do my duties. I have met many superb people and made a lot of friends. One of them was the self-effacing, very humble person named Gerlyn (Wonder woman).

On my fourth month with this company, I was chosen to be the one of the challengers of our department for the “King and Queen Singing Contest.” When our manager was trying to grant us the schedule for practice, she entitled us to go to the office to plan together with the people who are going to support us from our department. On this very event, I met Gerlyn. I called her Wonder woman for the reason that she’s a very hard worker, wonderful and motivated girl I have ever met. She’s like a grower who doesn’t get tired of taming her farm. You can never ever see her missed something or even forget a thing that could benefit everybody she knows. She taught me how to appreciate life in the most extraordinary way and to face every challenge I have with courage and spur. She taught me the command of having friends and to appreciate every moment with them more than I usually do. She is special.

A Hand To Hold. I know a few friends who’ve been hurt by their loved ones and even their friends and best friends in many painful ways. Few of them for some bases have become their best enemies. Because of this, there was a point in my life that I said to myself that I shouldn’t be trusting people that much because of the fear that this experience will happen to me as well. But not until I met Ian, my best second hand. We share a lot of the same interests and we have a lot of similarities. We never get bored when we are with each other. When I have problems, I run to him and he does the same.

I was out of nowhere one day after doing the job hunt that I used to do and I needed a place to stay or a boarding house to stay since both of my parents were not home, my sister and brother were in different side of the world either. I was standing in front of this boarding house and a guy named Ian, who’s staying in this house, approached me and let me in. Since then, we became very close like I never experienced with a friend before. Other than my father, my God in heaven, and my big bro, he’s like my other special big bro. He’s my confidant, an open hand that I can hold, a shoulder that I can depend on and a shelter that I can always go home to. He is incredible.

My Loving Mother. My family is always my inspiration and they have been very supportive of me all these years. But only my mother had played the most remarkable role in my life. She always believes in me and supports me whatever decisions I make as a whole person and as a responsible being. She taught me everything.

I remember the first time I ever lost my job and I went home. It’s so happen that my mother was home from Cebu for a vacation. She was doing something when I called her from my bed room and she directly approached me, gazing so worried. She embraced her so tightly and I cried in front of her, hardly as I ever did. Very concerned, she asked me what happened. My mother knows I was so sad at that time knowing that I was living alone for nearly three years without a mother to cry and lean on. But I didn’t tell my mother what had happened for the reason I don’t want to see her cry ever again. I just told her that I am so tired and lonely and needed a hug for a while. She totally understood. My mother is not that privileged to finish her education, but she is educated enough to teach us – her children – the lesson of life and love. She is, in fact, the reason why I keep on standing in times that I am totally down on my knees. She’s more than a mother for me and for all of us as her family. She’s irreplaceable.


Like my mother, these special people I pointed out above were just come from nothing, yet they have become successful in life and have become the good instruments in many people’s lives including mine. I never learned how beautiful life really is until God gave me these angels as the instruments to help me bypass all the trials I had for the past few years and will have for the years to come. I’m so lucky to have these people with me. I would never ever forget what they have thought me.

Just recently, my father and I have celebrated our birthdays together. I have also just rebuilt my bed room (my simple niche) at home with the help of my family and luckily, got a new job. Well, September is almost over. I can’t guess what would happen in the future. But now I’m happy and so much blessed to have my family and friends with me and that’s what matters the most. Perhaps, I will fall again and God will send another angels to catch me, then I have a reason I have to create a part two of this story. Who knows? 🙂

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