My First Love

ll of us have crushes and first loves. If you have none, you’re out of this world! Just kidding! 🙂 No matter how many old or new people (i.e. wife/husband, girlfriends or boyfriends, childhood/best friends etc.) may come in and out of our lives, these special people had left beautiful memories in our hearts and minds, once played the biggest part in our lives and made the enormous space in our hearts. And we have learned a lot from them.

I also had crushes and idols way back in high school and college. There’s also a group of girls at school who’d always called my name whenever I enter our school gate or just going to another class room to talk to a friend. They somewhat stalked me wherever I go. Hah! Well, to be honest, I did the same thing to the girl I was so obsessed with, too. Yes, high school life as it is. 🙂

When I was in High School, I remember my favorite History teacher told us a love story of hers. She had once found the boy of her dreams. He’s a tall, dark, handsome and especially, a gentleman. This guy was once her crush. You know, just the apple of her eyes. She said, after the guy introduced himself in a Senior Prom one night, he has become her official first boyfriend since then.

However, as months passed by, they had found out that they have so many things they didn’t like and had been disagreed with. To make the long story short, they broke up after graduation. They tried to make things work, but still they broke up. Obviously, they were never meant for each other. But every time she sees this guy, she can still never forget their first date. She admitted that she can still barely resist recalling all of the miraculous firsts that she had with him. Then she had found Mr. Right – someone better, someone who really loves her so much. Now she’s married; not to the man of her dreams, but to the man of her life.

Just recently, I had checked my Facebook account and I was stunned to see my ex girlfriend’s profile photo. We haven’t seen each other for years and she still looks more attractive than ever. Like my teacher, I felt I was attracted again whenever I see her pictures. But I’ve found out later that she has a husband and a baby daughter already. She even publicly shared the photos of her baby.

I’m not saying that I’m wretched to know the news. I disclose that I felt a little sad, but I’m so happy and proud for her and for what she has become. We made promises as well, like some of you had with your ex’s. The truth is that she was my first love. We, somehow built our plans and made a list of things to achieve for our near future together – to have kids, to build our dream house, to travel the world and so on. She was, in fact, my fairy tale. But then, everything has changed and we broke up. We agreed to make things work and give each other a chance again, but it ended up worse. Things have fallen into pieces; our dreams didn’t come true.

Eventually, I met someone special, the one who really loves me more than anyone else. I admit that I had an upgrade! Like my teacher, I have found; not my fairy tale, but the true love of my life. I’m happy and very thankful that after all these years, we still hold and love each other. We’re still getting stronger each day as we face the world as one. Hopefully, we could be together in one beautiful home with our kids someday and living a life with a “happily ever after” story.


houghts. The reason I shared this because I believe that some of us, especially those people my age normally experience this subtle circumstance.

There are times you’d feel that everything’s not working out, but you should at least give it a try and don’t just give up right away. If you believe that things will work out for your relationship, you have to do it together. You must know both side’s weaknesses and imperfections and both should learn how to accept each of them. Love each other again, and always build trust and faith. If things still won’t work out, then I think that’s the time to let go.

I’m not really good in giving advice, but at least I gave it a shot. I shared this one based on my own experiences.

“Baby, thank you for making me laugh and making me feel that I am loved. I would never be complete without you. You’re always here in my heart. I love you!” – MACK


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