Thank You For a Surprise

ife is full of surprises. Many things could happen for just one blink of an eye. People might come and go. You wake up, then you find out that the person you have been missing for a long time is right by your side now.

I say this because I, myself, personally experienced to be left, to be hurt & loved, and to be accepted like many of us had. I have once forgotten the meaning of my existence. But as the years passed, countless things had happened. One day, it appeared to me that I exist because of LOVE – the love that I can dig up from my parents, my brother and sister, my grandma, my friends, and especially the love that I can get from God.

I used to live by myself since I was graduated from college. Since I already told you about my life on my previous story,  for a change I’m going to share about my family’s background. Well, this is my first to carve up about my family. So, here it is…

For more that three years, many things had happened to my family. Just for a little background, there are five members in my family and that includes my parents, my big sister, my big brother and ME. Yes, I am the youngest. We opt to live in different places. Currently, my father is the only one who’s taking care of the house where we grew up. My brother is living in separate house together with his wife and son, Kevin, just 15 steps away from our house. My sister decided to live in Cebu, one of the most beautiful cities in my country together with my mother. I’m happy to know that, like my brother, she’s already settled as well with one daughter, Baby Gillian. Now, there are nine members in the family.

Mama, Papa, Kevin and Gillian

I can’t remember the last time we’ve been together living in the same roof, eating in one table, talking and sharing new stories and experiences. But this is the most memorable month of the year, not just for me, but for my whole family. Why? Because we get together again as a complete and happy family. For years that we haven’t got the chance to unite and splurge the time together, I am very overwhelmed with joy in my heart that we have the chance to be with each other again…in the same roof! It’s a big surprise when I knew that my mother and sister came home from Cebu, together with my sister’s husband and daughter to spend their summer vacation with us.


ast Sunday, we went to one of the local beaches here in our city just to have a “family-bonding time” after so many years we haven’t got the chance to do it. With the help of my uncle’s family car, we made it possible to be on this beautiful beach. I was so excited! We ate foods that my mother prepared for us, we took pictures here and there, we jumped into the water – yes, we swam, had fun under the sun, you name it. For the first time after so many years, I saw my sister laughed and had fun with us again. I can’t explain the emotions I felt during that day. Our one and only entertainer was Baby Gillian. She’s just one year and six months old but she can do a lot of things on her own already such as playing with the sand and collecting sea shells. My three-year-old nephew, Kevin was there, as well as his mother. Gillian and Kevin really had fun under the warmth of the smiling sun, playing with the water and sand, as if the place is in fact for children to have fun with. It’s nice to know that my father and brother skipped their important appointments and were able to be there with us.


While my mother was sitting on the sea shore beside me with Gillian in her arms, I just mutely observed and realized how lucky I am to have my family with me on that very moment, just enjoying every second of it and not minding about those things that had happened to all us before we became a strong family. Every member depends on each other. I just think that I am so lucky I have my family as the “biggest treasure” that I have ever had, a treasure that I always look forward to have again in the second life. I didn’t think about anything else or what will happen next. Even though I still have a work after that, it never stopped me to enjoy the moment while I was with them. I didn’t care if I’d have my shoes popped up with cracked shells and sands, just as long as I am having fun with them, it doesn’t really matter.

Bother and Sister

hile I was writing this story, it makes me feel sad to think that my mother and sister might be going back to Cebu after a week already, and I need to go back to where I am staying at the same time. But I never lose my hope that we will still be together again as a whole family. Who knows what would be the next big surprise?! All I know is that God is so kind enough to give me that extraordinary moment. He really knows when is the time that I feel like I’m getting lost already and needs a family embrace! That’s just how wonderful life is. LIFE is full of surprises after all! 🙂

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