I Learned to Trust and Let Go (20/05/2012)

BPO Companies are developing all over the globe and that’s the reason why many establishments of Call Centers are increasing in numbers at the same time. Here in the Philippines, many Call Center companies are merging and rising in different provinces and cities already, including my city. Those are Covergys, Teleperformance, Teletech and Transcom to name a few. And believe it or not, they are amazingly growing so fast!

To work in a prestigious call center company has always been one of my dreams. Though I have been working for almost two years as a Customer Service Representative (CSR) and I have experienced the life of being an agent, I still strive to have more, do more and learn more. I only have one reason why I don’t stop learning and prioritizing this profession because I know to myself that this is the area where I am good at. The area I think where I can continue to learn, and develop my personality and skills as an individual. I took classes that would be relevant, training after training just to improve my skills and I proud to say that I learned a lot. The last training that I have taken was from VCCLink – the near-hire training for aspiring call center agents with the cooperation of Convergys. The training was instructed by Ms. AJ, a very good and very professional trainer I must say. Though I wasn’t able to finish it, I’m still very thankful that I have been there and be part of it. This 10-day training was for free and we’re not being paid for it. Since I am living independently, being a money saver is one of the biggest attitudes that I need to possess. Eventually, this was one of the reasons I didn’t pursue to finish the training because I find it so hard for me to save the remaining coins in my pocket just to sustain my needs until the end of the training. One of the reasons I didn’t continue it’s because I was already starting the training in a new company that was just established last month. Yes, they give reasonable pay for their people, but I am not after the money. What’s more important to me is “how much this job can offer to my own personal development. I don’t care how much I will be getting, just as long as it could help me to become a professional and responsible person – a person that I always aspire to be.” But because I needed to survive, I thought this company is the best opportunity for me to make a new start.

The work is quite easy and it’s more different than what I have trained for, very different from what I have learned and used to have when I was still working with my previous companies. We are doing surveys and we are dealing with people in United Kingdom. Unlike being a CSR/TSR, we’re walking through the customer, doing excellent customer service and dealing with people in United States. But in this new job, we were advised to use British accent. We needed to have a strong sales pitch and a convincing personality or charisma to get a successful survey. It is very challenging because in the event, it is my first time to work in this type of profession.
I was in between of the two great companies. The other one is nurturing skills, talents, giving more benefits, but it’s too far from where I’m currently staying. While the other is challenging but very easy, nearer from where I’m currently staying, providing reasonable pay, but less opportunities to grow. This was the hardest decision that I made and I needed to be very careful. Because of this, I was able to learn how to TRUST and to LET GO. Despite of these challenges, my determination to learn and my hard work has paid off. I’m happy that I survived. I’m happy that I made it this far.

I learned to trust myself more, especially to God – to believe in His love and care for me….I learned to let go of those things that I think I should, to make a new beginning. I asked for the guidance of God and asked for the good signs on what would be the best way I should take.

Days went by, a lot of things had happened. The day has come for me to decide which company I should prioritize. I am proud to say that I have made the right one. Right now, I am completing my requirements so that I can start the training. I hope that this decision I have made was right and whatever decision that I still needed to make in the future will always have a guidance of God – He will be there to guide me and will always take care of me as I am going to walk the way that I will be choosing.

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