The Gift of Friendship (07/05/2012)

Dear Mr. WP,

It’s been a while since I haven’t updated you about my life, so here I am again, sharing my stories.

To start off, let me tell you about this friend of mine that I met two months ago. Her name is Pearl and she was as brilliant as a “true pearl” for me. I met her at the HR Department in one of the call center companies that I have worked with. I’m happy because I met a friend who’s very true to herself, a friend that really knows the whole me for just a very short period of time and accepted me for who I really am.

Two weeks earlier, I was informed by Pearl about this free call center training from TESDA. At first, I doubted that I could pursue the training because I don’t have any savings anymore. But a good friend of mine was so kind and she lend me money just for me to finish the training. I grabbed the opportunity to attend the class and for the first time of my life, I was able to feel the urge to go to the training every single day. I felt like, I was given the chance to go back to school again. The training was very educational and at the same time, it’s more fun than I expected. I haven’t just learned a lot, but I have also met new people and they are my friends now.

Just last week, we have completed the 100-hour training and we celebrated our farewell party in Baranggay Villamonte, at The Aquatic Place here in our city. All of us are currently hunting a new job already because that is the purpose of the training, for us to be hired in a call center company. We applied in different call center companies and some of my co-trainees were already hired and some are still looking, including me.

Life is a precious gift that all us can really benefit. It is a matter of how you create a better one out of it. It is a matter of how you live it and how you share it with the people that you love. So as “the gift of friendship.” Even though we cannot really depend on our friends because they might come and go, but for sure you will always have memories to collect and someone will stay true until the end of everything. That’s why I’m thankful to have a few friends. I don’t care if I have only two or three, just as long as they are always there for me it’s already enough.

My determination is always alive and I will persevere until I reach my dreams. I know there is something good that God has reserved just for me. This week I will apply in other companies while I am waiting for the call of those that I have already applied. I think that’s it for now Mr. WP.


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