You’ll Never Walk Alone (15/04/2012)

Today, I went home to the place where I grew up and where I got the chance to know myself better. For the last two weeks, it has been so hard for me to accept about the things that have been happening with my life. I thought being alone is not a favorable thing for me to do as of this moment. Instead of feeling the anxiety and being depressed, I would rather go home to unwind, to find myself or go to somewhere for a walk, where I can see more people.

My sentiments are always correct and I cannot lie to them. Though I can get along with different people and go to some places, I know deep inside that there’s still something missing. I tried to lie to myself that everything is going to be fine, but as long as I am convincing myself for what I’m believing is right, there is still wrong about what I’m doing.

Eventually, it made me realize that life is not just a matter of getting what we wanted, but providing time, most especially on how to make a difference. It made me realize that I underestimated myself and I stopped believing because of the thought that people can learn more than me, people can be much better than me and people can be much smarter than me in everything. I have failed to believe in myself that I could do something in my own special ways. I am different and so are the people that God created. As the saying goes, “we are all created differently with a purpose, and that is to appreciate life with those people around you.”

I have learned that nothing in this life comes easy and I have to pay the price. I can make things move ahead in my way with a perfect timing. People can say anything they want, but no one can ever tear down my faith and principles. I know that these are just the tests that I have to surpass. And with determination, I will pursue my dreams until I see myself on the top again. I will never walk alone because my family and God will be there to back me up. There should be trials and tough times to face. I could be fallen again for sure, but I will persevere because I believe through these, I can learn a lot and I will be stronger enough to face another challenge.