A Long Way Journey

  Dear Mr. WP,

I am currently staying right now at the house which I called my second home here in our city. I have been living here for almost two years already and this is my first time to write about a few things that had happened to me while I am staying here.

For almost a year, I had the chance to live like a normal person with a consistent job in a call center and a very good salary that can sustain my everyday needs. I had the chance to share the gift of love with my friends – the people who are always there to support and guide me with whatever decisions I make. I have a great family, they have been very supportive of me as well. This house made me realize that life is so easy to live with. It made me realize as well that life is not as easy as I thought it is, especially if you’re living independently. Whatever I want is in this house: comfortable bed room, complete appliances, nice bathroom, you name it. But despite all of these things I have, I’m always missing the times that I am with my family.

I still have a long, long road to take and I know that by heart. More ups and downs, and tests of faith that could possibly change the course of my life. But I’m strong enough to face them. I hope and pray that one day I could have my dreams do come true, all my plans will end up successful. Through my determination, I know I could continue to learn with every mistake that I do. And through each of those mistakes, I will be wise and much stronger enough to overcome whatever trials I will encounter in the near future.